Hadiths: Conditions established for authenticity

Q246 :Is there any Hadith which is included in the two collections of Al-Bukhari and Muslim which can be described as "weak"?

A246 : Scholars look at each Hadith, or statement attributed to the Prophet, from two angles: its chain of reporters and its text. As you realize, by the time the great scholars of Hadith such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Al-Bukhari and Muslim, made their valuable collections, each Hadith should have been reported by four or more reporters. This is what we call sanad or chain of reporters. Before each text, you will find Al-Bukhari or Muslim or any other scholar of Hadith stating who told him the Hadith he is quoting and from whom that person heard it, and on whose authority that second person is reporting it, and so on until he reaches a companion of the Prophet who says: "I heard Allah's messenger saying ..." The text of the Hadith then follows. Scholars have laid down five conditions for the acceptability of any Hadith. Three of these conditions relate to the sanad or chain of reporters and two to the text. The first three are:

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )