Graves & tombs

Q239 :Whenever we visit the Prophet's mosque in Madinah and the graveyard of Al Baqie, we are directed to more than one place as the burial place of Fatimah, the Prophet's daughter. Please comment.

A239 : When people point to different spots at the burial place of Fatimah, or any particular companion of the Prophet, that is understandable. As you realize the sunnah which was certainly followed at the time of the Prophet is to make a grave very simple and to make its mark also simple. There is no prestige in making a great tomb for any deceased person. Simple graves are bound to be lost with the passage of time. Later generations will at best be able to point to a particular area as having been the burial place of any particular person. May I ask, why is it so important to know the exact spot where a particular person is buried? If it is to visit his or her grave, and to pray Allah to have mercy on that person, this can be done equally well whether we know the exact spot or not. If one stands at the entrance of the graveyard and prays Allah to have mercy on all those who are buried there, it is perfectly all right. If he wants to mention them one by one, that is again appropriate. He is certainly rewarded for visiting the graveyard and for praying Allah to have mercy on those buried there. This is all we need do.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )