Girls traveling for study

Q236 :Can Muslim girls go to a non-Muslim country for study and enroll in a mixed institution of education?

A236 : What a Muslim girl should not do is to travel alone, whether to a Muslim or a non-Muslim country. She must be accompanied by a mahram who may be either a husband or a close relative whom she may not marry,\such as her father, brother, son, uncle, etc. You must have noticed that here in Kingdom, when a woman signs a contract for employment, she is required to have a mahram coming with her. If she does not have a mahram she may not be issued a visa, despite her having a contract of employment. Studying in mixed institution of education depends on how the students conduct themselves.\That a woman attends a lecture in a university which is attended by both men and women is permissible.\What is not permissible is to socialize in the way it is practiced in the West.\Therefore, if a Muslim woman observes the standards of propriety then she may pursue her studies in any institute.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )