Food: Canned in foreign countries

Q224 :Cans of food imported from foreign countries may carry a statement in Arabic that the food has been prepared according to the Islamic way. Do we accept such a statement without question?

A224 : This statement in Arabic is made to comply with requirement by governments of Muslim countries that canned food imported into those countries must be permissible to eat from the Islamic point of view. Some governments have gone to considerable length to ensure that the food so imported satisfies the conditions Islam lays down for consumption. Such governments appoint certain agents to supervise the killing of animals, the meat of which is to be used in canned food. Even if this was not the case, and the exporter includes this statement on his own behest, we have a rule that we need not ask about the details which we do not know. If we have no reason to doubt the correctness of a particular statement, we should accept it at its face value. Therefore, when we read such a statement that the food used in a particular can is acceptable from the Islamic point of view, we take it as correct. If we have a good reason for suspicion, then we take appropriate action. For example, if certain cans have been imported from a country where atheism was the standard creed for a considerable length of time and we have a statement that the meat used has been slaughtered in the Islamic way, we have a very good reason to doubt. In such a case, we should be extra-careful.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )