Fatimah: What distinguishes Fatimah from other women

Q220 :In my country, some people claim that Lady Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a special woman. When she was born, the Prophet Moses' sister and Pharaoh's wife as well as Lady Mary, mother of the Prophet Jesus, attended her birth and that Lady Fatimah talked to Angel Gabriel, calling him uncle. Is this true?

A220 : That Lady Fatimah was a woman of distinction is an absolute fact. No one can claim otherwise. Her position of distinction is mentioned in more than one Hadith. Prophet is reported to have said: "Fatimah is a part of my flesh: whoever causes her to be upset, upsets me." (Related by Al-Bukhari) He also says: "Fatimah is the mistress of all women in heaven (with the exception of Mary)." That is more than sufficient to make her one of the most distinguished women in the whole history of mankind. Lady Fatimah was the youngest of the Prophet's daughters. He loved her so dearly and he told her what he told no one else and she kept that secret until he had passed away. Lady Fatimah reports: "Allah's messenger (peace be upon him) came in one day when I was at Aisha's room and he spoke privately to me and I cried. He then spoke privately to me and I smiled. Aisha asked me about this and I said I have learned something, but should I tell you Allah's messenger's secret? She dropped the subject. When the Prophet passed away she asked again and I told her: "He said to me: I think I will die this year, and that no woman in any generation has ever had a greater tragedy than yours, so do not be less patient than any woman. I therefore cried. He then said to me: [Fatimah] You are the mistress of all women in heaven, with the exception of Mary, and I smiled." As for the attendance of the distinguished ladies you have mentioned at her birth and her talking to the angel, this cannot be authentic at all.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )