Airlines, women's charms

Q22 :It is well known that Islam requires women to dress modestly when they appear in public. How do you view the advertisements inserted by certain national airlines of Muslim countries in these terms: "A superb in-flight service is assured by our charming air hostesses"?

A22 : Such advertisements cannot be accepted by Islam. It is sad that national carriers of Muslim countries feel obliged, in order to compete with other airlines, to try to highlight such aspects of their service. Indeed, they do not need to go to these lengths. When a particular airline provides good service, that service will speak for itself, without the need to stress that at the delivery point of the service there is a "charming" hostess. The overwhelming majority of passengers are interested in the service itself, not in the person who gives it. Such advertisements are an example of how much we have borrowed from Western civilization, without scrutinizing what we are getting in the process. [Added: Why not look at the advertisements of other foreign airlines who emphasize on the technical supremacy in providing on time schedules and avoiding delays and hazards. That should be something to follow.]

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )