Fasting: On Fridays

Q211 :Some scholars in our country suggest that fasting on Fridays, other than in Ramadan, is inappropriate. Is this correct?

A211 : What is discouraged in relation to voluntary worship, including prayer and voluntary fasting on Friday is to single out Friday for the purpose. Thus, it is discouraged to fast voluntarily on Fridays, unless you also fast either on Thursday preceding it or the Saturday following it. Similarly, it is discouraged to single out Friday night for night worship, unless you join it to either the night preceding or the one following it. This applies in normal situations. If there is a good reason for singling out Friday for fasting, then it becomes appropriate. Suppose that a man could not fast during Ramadan, he may have fallen ill. He has a hard job to do which makes fasting exceedingly difficult. His rest day is Friday. In this case, it is perfectly in order for him to fast on Fridays in order to compensate for the days he did not fast in Ramadan.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )