Advice to parents, elders

Q21 :How can I advise my parents and elders to offer their prayers regularly and to fast during Ramadhan?

A21 : The Prophet says: "Good faith is to give good counsel." In his reply for a clarification as to whom good counsel should be given, the Prophet included the leaders of the Muslim community and everyone in that community. Encouraging anyone to attend regularly to his prayers and Islamic duties is certainly to give him good counsel. If one's parents are lax in observing such duties, it is certainly required of their son to try to persuade them to do so. In so doing, he should be gentle and kind and should remind them of the gravity of incurring Allah's displeasure. He should also show them that it is very easy to observe such duties. One should not give the impression that he is a better person than the one he advises. This is particularly offensive if it is addressed to a parent or an elder.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )