Fasting: And the willful violation

Q202 :What is the compensation required of a person who spoils his fasting in Ramadan by having sex with his wife during the day.

A202 : To have sexual intercourse with one's wife during a day of Ramadan is a very serious offense indeed. The compensation is proportionate to the offense. The Prophet has outlined the compensation when a man told him that he had ruined himself by having intercourse with his wife during a day in Ramadan. The Prophet told him to free a slave. When the man mentioned that he did not have any money to buy a slave, the Prophet told him that he should fast two consecutive months. This means that he should fast for 58-60 consecutive days, without a break. If a person is unfit to do this fasting, because of ill health, then he should feed sixty poor people for a day. Scholars have different views on whether the woman is also required to make such a compensation. If the man has pressurized his wife into this, then she need not do any compensation other than fast one day in place of the day of Ramadan she spoilt by her intercourse. Some scholars are of the view that she need only do that in any case.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )