Fasting: And the use of eardrops or eyedrops

Q201 :Fasting: And the use of eardrops or eyedrops

A201 : Some scholars still suggest that the use of eyedrops or eardrops invalidates fasting, since, they claim, the liquid used will eventually reach the stomach. That is a view which cannot be supported by any clear evidence. While it is understandable that scholars in the past might have made such an argument, before human knowledge of the inside of the human body became accurate, our knowledge shows that this is inaccurate. Furthermore, what invalidates fasting is eating, drinking and sex. It is not correct to equate eardrops or eyedrops with drinking. Indeed, famous scholars, like Imam Ibn Hazm, state clearly that since no one drinks through his ears or ears, eyedrops and eardrops cannot invalidate fasting. This is, to my mind, the correct view on this point.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )