Eve: the way Allah created Eve

Q192 :We all know that God has created the Prophet Adam, and presumably he created Eve in the same way. Why, then, the scholars say that Eve was created from Adam's left rib? Does it look natural? Medical science rejects such an assumption. Can you interpret it in a logical way? That would be very helpful for all of us.

A192 : The first thing that I would like to say about this question is that when something relates to God's power or how He does whatever He wishes to do, or how He creates, then we should accept what is stated in the Qur'an or in an authentic Hadith without any reservation. We know that God has power over all things, and he is able to accomplish His purpose easily, and without difficulty. We know, for example, that man was created from clay and then God breathed of His soul into him. God certainly could have created man from some other substance, or without using any substance whatsoever. There is no limit to God's ability. What we also know is that whatever God decides, or whatever method of creation He adopts, it must have a definite purpose known to Him. Therefore, we do not question that purpose of the method employed. There is certainly a report which suggests that the first woman, Eve, was created from Adam's left rib. This report, however, cannot be described as highly authentic. But even if it was, we need not have any problem in accepting it, because God must have a purpose, for choosing to create Eve in this way. God's will is not subject to medical science, or indeed to any science whatsoever. What science does is to observe God's creation and try to define laws that apply to God's creation. Hence, it cannot impose its findings on how God works or creates. On the other hand, we have some highly authentic Hadiths which speak that women generally have been created from a rib. These could be interpreted as referring to the creation of the first woman. They could also mean that such a method of creation reflects itself in the nature of women generally. The most complete version of these Hadiths is the one which may be translated as follows: "Take good care of woman, for they have been created from a rib. The most prominently crooked part of a rib is its top part. If you were to try to straighten it, you will inevitably break it, but if you leave it alone, it remains crooked. Therefore, take good care of women." (Related by Al-Bukhari) It is evident that the description here is figurative. The Prophet's purpose is to remind men everywhere and in all generations that they must take good care of women, whether they are their wives, mothers, sisters or daughters. The Prophet also refers to a certain waywardness in women's nature. This is present in almost all women and it requires some careful handling in order to ensure that life continues happily. It is as if the Prophet is telling men not to try to impose their will rigidly over women, because that may lead to a break-up of the family home. In another version of this Hadith, related by Muslim, the Prophet explains that "to break while trying to straighten crookedness is to divorce one's wife." Therefore, men must be tolerant and must take good care of their women. Those among us who act on the Prophet's advice will certainly be rewarded by God.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )