Adoption and inheritance

Q19 :Can a childless couple adopt a child? If so, will the child be entitled to inherit the property of the adopting couple?

A19 : I have spoken at length recently about adoption and made it absolutely clear that Islam does not allow it. It is forbidden in our faith. However, to bring up an orphan child is an act of charity which will be highly rewarded. But this must not be by way of adoption as such. The person who looks after an orphan should not call him his own child. The child must retain his or her name and must be called after his or her father. [Added: it may be that the the parenthood is not known to the family who takes upon itself to bring up an orphan child. In that case the child must be treated as a brethren. This does not alter the status of the directive in Islam and the child cannot be called their own child.] Since adoption is not allowed altogether, the question of inheritance does not arise. However, if someone raises an orphan child, he can leave him a portion of his property by will. As you know, every person is allowed to bequeath by will up to one third of his property, but the beneficiaries of his will cannot include any of his heirs.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )