Eid and sacrifice of sheep

Q189 :If one is financially well off, should he sacrifice one sheep for every member of his family?

A189 : Sacrifice on Eid day is strongly recommended. It is not obligatory. Therefore, it cannot be considered as an obligation on the head of the family or any of its members. However, it remains very strongly encouraged. The minimum that one may sacrifice is one sheep for himself and his dependents. If he sacrifices more, his reward is greater. Obviously, the sacrificial meat should be used in the way recommended by the Prophet. The best division is for one to keep one third for one's family and give one third in gifts to relatives and neighbours, and give the third gift to the poor. If one is sacrificing more than one sheep, and he wants to increase the portion he gives to the poor, his reward is greater.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )