Durood: standing up?

Q183 :In our part of the world, people argue a great deal whether it is better to be standing up or seated when we pray Allah to grant peace and blessings to Prophet Muhammad. Which position is the correct one?

A183 : It is of little consequence whether you are standing up or seated when you make such a prayer. Allah commands us to remember and glorify Him when we are standing up, seated or lying down. It is perfectly acceptable to read the Qur'an in any of these positions. Therefore, it is acceptable to request Allah to grant his blessings to the Prophet in any position [ so long as the request is addressed to Allah only]. Moreover, why should this matter be the subject of argument among Muslims? And why do they allow it to divide them the way you describe? [ Why should Muslims prefer one position to the other? Why should Muslims change their position especially when requesting Allah to grant his blessings to the Prophet; shifting from the position they are in? When all positions are equally acceptable, the change or preference of one position over the other is something alien and that would make it unacceptable.] All of us love the Prophet and know that Allah wants us to follow his example. Indeed, that is the proper demonstration of loving him. We do not demonstrate our love for him by quarreling over a matter of detail, but we do show our love by following his guidance.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )