Divorce: Reconcile honourably or separate with kindness

Q167 :Reconcile honourably or separate with kindness

A167 : When the husband has divorced his wife and the period of iddah is passing, he has two alternatives : either to reconcile with her honourably - that is, to return to her with the intention of living in peace and harmony, and not in order to torment or harm her - or to free her and part with her in kindness by allowing the iddah to expire without arguments and harsh words, and without setting aside any of their mutual rights. It is unlawful for him to return to her just because the iddah is due to expire in order to torment her by prolonging the waiting period, thus depriving her of the opportunity to marry someone else. This was something that was done in the period of jahiliyyah. Allah Ta'ala then prohibited this injury to women in a very decisive manner, using a style of expression which makes the heart quake: And when you have divorced women and they have fulfilled the term (of their iddah), either retain them honourably or release them honourably; but do not retain them in order to injure them, for this is transgression, and whoever does this has wronged his own soul. And do not take the revelations of Allah in mockery, but remember Allah's favour upon you and what He has sent down to you of the Book and the Wisdom, to instruct you by means of it. And be conscious of Allah, and know that Allah is aware of everything. (2:231) A little reflection upon this noble ayah of seven phrases, containing warning after warning, reminder after reminder, ought to be sufficient for anyone who has any feeling in his heart or any hearing when it is recited.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )