Divine Law

Q155 :Divine Law

A155 : The divine law is a single and complete whole which cannot be split into separate parts. Its provisions which concern the concept of faith, or acts of worship, or permissions and prohibitions, or social regulations and international relations are all of equal value. In their total sum they constitute the religion which Allah describes in the Qur'an as having been perfected. To reject any part of this code is to reject it all, and to reject religion or faith altogether. The law of the particular time in which the Qur'an was revealed applies to all time because, according to Allah's own statement, it is the law of the religion revealed to mankind to be implemented by all communities for the rest of time. The detailed regulations and laws will remain the same, while the basic principles constitute the framework within which human life develops and progresses. [This day I have perfected your religion for you and bestowed on you the full measure of My blessings and chosen Islam as a religion for you. - The Repast, "Al-Maidah" : 5;3 ]

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