Depression: Islamic way to overcome it

Q150 :What is the best Islamic way to overcome depression? (which results from thinking about the past, loss of friends, fear of getting old, possible death of parents, etc.)

A150 : The sort of depression you ask about is easily dispelled when one remembers that everything in this life is decreed by Allah. We all get older and it is possible for a young person to lose his or her parents. None of us know what the future brings to us. We may be close friends with a person today and in a short period that person becomes far away from us. All such happenings should be accepted with patience. One should know that whatever happens in this life, takes place only with Allah's will. When we remember Islamic values, we accept such events with resignation and we can easily submit our will to Allah. When we do that, we view any happenings in our lives as trivial. We are able to look at life in a more detached and reasonable way. No event in the life of a human being represents the end of the road, except his own death. Allah takes care of us and we should entrust ourselves to His will. When we are true believers, we view every development in our life as good. We can easily submit to it as it represents Allah's will. A prayer which helps overcome such depression should be addressed to the causes of depression themselves. The Prophet teaches us that we should pray according to the situation we find ourselves in. There are, in addition, prayers which the Prophet himself used. One of these which is relevant here is that which says: "My Lord, I seek refuge with You against worry and depression, disability and laziness, cowardliness and miserliness, being overburdened with debt and being subject to oppression."

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )