Death: Time of death

Q142 :In some Muslim communities, when someone is very sick or dying, people sit beside him and read some verses from the Qur'an. Does this benefit the sick or dying person? May I also ask whether crying loudly near a deceased person is bad for him [the deceased]? A scholar in my community says it must be avoided. Please comment.

A142 : When someone is felt to be dying, it is recommended that his relatives or friends or other people sit nearby and read the Qur'an, particularly surah 36, entitled Ya'Seen. He or she should be prompted [ not coerced, lest some ungrateful words are uttered] to say the sentence "La Ilaha Ila Allah", which means "there is no deity save Allah". If he says it once, we should not urge him to say it again, unless he says something else, then we try to make him say that sentence again, so that it is the last thing he says in his life. Reading the Qur'an helps the dying person by reminding him of Allah and the hereafter. If he is conscious and can understand what is being read, he finds it easier to go through the difficulty he is facing. If he says the declaration of the Oneness of Allah as the last thing he says in his life, then he has a great chance to find that his sins are forgiven. It is strongly discouraged to cry loudly or wail for a dying person. Needless to say, the dead person is not responsible for what others do to express their grief. In other words, if his women relatives wail after they realize that he has died, he is not punished for what they do. It is they who bear the responsibility for their action. Having said that, I must add that it is very important that a Muslim accepts what Allah has willed with resignation and submission. People are certainly grieved by the death of their close relatives, but their grief can be expressed in silent crying, praising Allah and declaring submission to his will, supplicating for the deceased to be forgiven, praying that he is admitted into heaven. Wailing is not the mark of submission to Allah's will. If anything, it is more of a protest and a Muslim does not protest against Allah's will.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )