Death: Questioning the cremated after death

Q139 :It is authentically reported that when a person is buried after death, angels come to question him about his faith. How does this occur if the deceased has been cremated, drowned or fed to the vultures?

A139 : You seem to accept that a person who is dead and buried may be asked by angels and he may answer them. Perhaps you find it easy to imagine the possibility of the deceased person's spirit being returned to his body to face this questioning. But can anyone tell us how this happens? If you think about it very carefully, you will inevitably end up saying that it is something Allah does, and it is easy for Him, because He is able to accomplish His purpose, whatever it is. Fine, the same applies to a person whose body is cremated, drowned, eaten up by wild beasts or birds of prey. Why should it be any different? It is easy for Allah to reassemble that person and give him his spirit back to answer questions, if a return of the spirit is necessary for the purpose. The simple answer is that we do not know how all this happens. It is a matter about which Allah has chosen not to give us details. With respect to any such matter, we simply accept the Qur'anic statement or the Hadith which we may have established to be authentic as it is. We simply accept it at its face value. We know that Allah is able to accomplish His purpose. He will certainly do it and it is undoubtedly easy for him. Why should the questioning of a deceased person be more difficult if he has been drowned than if he is simply buried? If the body of a deceased person has been cremated, it is still easy for Allah to bring him back to life. Why should it be any more difficult than his creation in the first place? There remain the ashes of his body. What was he before he came to life in the first place? A male sperm and a female egg? What was he before the same egg was produced by his mother, or before the male sperm was produced in his father's body? We need only think about the creation of man to accept everything that the Prophet has told us about what takes place after the end of this life of ours as correct. We may not be able to imagine it, but we know that it is certainly easy for Allah. If so, then there is no difficulty in getting the angel to question a deceased person whose corpse has been cremated or eaten up by fish, beast or bird of prey.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )