Death: Predetermined by Allah - the proper sense

Q138 :Can we say that those who died in communal riots met their death as predetermined by Allah? If not, why?

A138 : Of course these deaths have been predetermined by Allah. Indeed, every death is so predetermined. How else can you describe a man's death in car accident, or by drowning, or in a fire? I feel that the word "predetermined" does not seem to carry its proper sense to you. When we say that a death is predetermined, it does not mean that Allah has caused the events leading to it. Allah does not cause the car accident which kills a driver. Indeed, one of the two drivers causes the accident by making a serious mistake. The death of anyone who is killed, as a result, is predetermined by Allah in the sense that He has willed that those people die at the particular moment. Every person's life-span is determined by Allah, when he is still a fetus in his mother's belly. Allah also knows how every person is to meet his or her death. He does not, however, intervene to cause an accident, fire or a disturbance. It is people who do that and their actions lead to their natural results. Allah has set natural phenomena in operation. He has made fire burn almost all types of objects. He has enabled water to drown a person who swallows it and does not swim. When a person is burned, Allah does not cause his burning, except in the sense that He has given the fire the quality of burning. He does not pick a person up and throw him in the fire to cause his death. When that person happens to be in the midst of fire, he is burnt. Allah has determined his life-span and has known the cause of his death.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )