Death: In infancy

Q135 :You have in the past quoted a Hadith which states that children who die in their infancy try to get their parents admitted into heaven. May I ask how about parents who deliberately kill their children, either through abortion or some other way. Also what about the children of non-Muslim parents?

A135 : I have mentioned some of the Hadiths which clearly state that those who die in infancy will be of great help to their parents on the Day of Judgment. One Hadith suggests that such children will look for their parents among the masses of human beings who are all gathered on the Day of Judgment. When they find them they will lead them by the hand until they get them into heaven. They will entreat Allah on their behalf and will say to Him that their parents were deprived of the happiness and pleasure of having them when they were young. The children want their parents to have that happiness in the life to come. Another Hadith mentions that when children who die in their childhood are commanded to go into heaven, they will stop at its gate and make loud noises. They will protest that they will not enter until they have their parents with them [because whatever of pleasure of being together that either of them missed in this life was for no fault of theirs]. Allah will bestow His grace on both parents and children and order all of them to enter heaven together. These Hadiths which speak of the Day of Judgment are to be understood within the general framework of the fundamental Islamic principles. A non-believer cannot be admitted into heaven, because Allah has so willed that heaven will be the abode of those who believe in Him. Therefore, even if a non-believer loses a child or more in infancy, his children would not be able to earn him reprieve. The children themselves will not be accountable, since they have died before they reached the age of accountability. Similarly, if a parent has killed a child of his, the two will stand in front of Allah to judge between them. They will be opponents, since the child will have a grievance against the parent who had killed him. We know that Allah is the most Gracious and Merciful. But we also know that He does not allow the right of anyone of His servants to be wasted. Hence, He will judge between child and parent and will pass His fair judgment.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )