Day of Judgment (the)

Q131 :It is said that married couples who earn God's pleasure will be united again in the life to come. What happens if a woman who has lost her first husband is married to another and all three are obedient to God and keen to do their duty in this life? With which of her husbands would a woman be united?

A131 : I prefer not to go into the details of what things will be like on the Day of Judgment, and which people will receive what treatment. These are matters that God determines. We know that God will be most kind to those who have been obedient in this life and who try to abide by God's orders and instructions. His kindness knows no limit. His grace will be shown to everyone who is good. Therefore, if a woman had married in this life two husbands, both of whom she loved and with both of whom she was happy, God is certain to have all three of them satisfied and happy in the life to come. It is important to realize in this respect that the sexual desire is very much a matter of this life, not of the life to come. This desire is closely related to the instinct of survival and ensures the continuity of the human race. In the life to come, this is not required. People would have an everlasting life. They do not need to procreate, because the test of the human race will have been over. In these circumstances, it is not difficult to envisage that a woman who had two husbands will be in heaven with both of them, and all three will be bound by a feeling of close relationship as obedient servants to God. On the day of judgment, the believers will have been purged of any ill-feelings they may have toward others.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )