Darwin's theory of evolution.

Q130 :During a discussion, a friend of mine claimed that human beings came from apes (Darwin's theory of evolution). This led to a heated argument and a scar on our friendship. May I ask who were the first human beings on earth? Whom did they worship and who was their god?

A130 : The theory of evolution has two basic flaws. It observes in fine details the gradation of species from one-cell organisms up to the chimpanzee and man, who the theory considers to be the next in line. Advocates of the evolution theory have admitted this and sought to explain by speaking about a "missing link". The other basic flaw in this theory is that it cannot be proven in any scientifically acceptable way. Its argument is rather didactic. It makes a huge jump from scientific observation to theorization about life and existence. Thus, it imposes its theory on scientific findings. Perhaps it is appropriate to state here that Muslim scientists have observed the gradation of species, not only in the animal world but also in the world of plants. They referred to the fact that there is a very fine line which separated one species from the next. They also observed that there are two huge gaps: The one which separates the highest from the lowest, i.e. the chimpanzee from man. However, Muslim scientists did not seek to impose any arbitrary theory of life on their findings. They simply attributed this gradation to its appropriate cause, the will of Allah, the Creator of all. As Muslims, we recognize only one source for the formulation of our concepts of life and the role of man. That source is divine revelations. We know that Allah has revealed the Qur'an, His last message, through the angel Gabriel to His last messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Allah has also guaranteed that the Qur'an which contains His message, will remain intact, free from distortion, for the rest of time. Therefore, we must refer to the Qur'an for the formulation of our concepts of life and creation. We know that the knowledge contained in the Qur'an is factual, because it comes from the Creator whose knowledge is limitless and absolute. We cannot, therefore, abandon this factual source of knowledge, preferring it to a scientific theory which is liable to amendment or improvement as even its most outspoken advocates admit. On the basis of information Allah has given us in the Qur'an, we state without hesitation that human life on earth started with Adam (peace be upon him), who was created of clay and Allah breathed of His spirit into him. Therefore, man is the result of a combination of clay and spirit. He came into existence as a result of Allah's will when He decided to appoint a vice regent on earth. How did Allah breathe His spirit into Adam whom He made of clay and when did all this happen are details which He has not chosen to give us. Therefore, we need not concern ourselves with these for two reasons: First, we have no means of finding out the answers with any degree of certainty because the only source which can give us such information, namely, Allah (limitless He is in His glory) has chosen not to tell us. Second, our knowledge of such details will not be of any help to us in the fulfillment of our task which is given to us by Allah, namely, the building of human life on earth. Had such information been of benefit to us in this regard, Allah would not have withheld it. You ask about the God worshipped by the first human beings. There has always been obviously one God, Allah. Adam was a prophet who taught his children how to worship Allah alone. The Unitarian faith existed as long ago as man himself. What professors of comparative religion in Western universities assert about the development of religious beliefs is totally untrue. They claim that man started with primitive concepts of God and worshipped forces of nature and represented them with idols and totters, etc. Later, as man developed, his beliefs also developed and he started to believe in a small number of deities, who were then reduced to two before the concept of monotheism evolved. All this is contrary to what Allah tells us in the Qur'an. Allah gave Adam, the first man on earth, the message based on the Oneness of Allah. His children continued to worship Allah alone for many generations before deviation crept into their faith. Therefore, Allah sent them prophets and messengers to call on them to revert to the Unitarian faith. They made such a return at the time of Prophet Noah, when the group of believers who survived the flood with Noah , started a new social order. Other returns were achieved by other prophets in different communities. This message was given its complete and final form in the Qur'an revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Allah's last messenger.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )