Dancing: Is it permissible?

Q129 :Is dancing permissible. If not, why?

A129 : There is no rigid ruling concerning dancing, just like many other activities. Decent dancing which does not aim at arousing unacceptable emotions, and does not make of the women's body an object of exciting desires, and does not involve holding or pulling close to oneself a member of the opposite sex, is permissible. Many communities have folk dancing which is acceptable from the Islamic point of view. The dancers would be respectably dressed and the dance may involve elaborate movements, but it remains decent. It involves no exciting of desire to do anything forbidden. When such dances are performed by men, or when they are performed by women in presence of women audience only, these are permissible. When the delegation from Abyssinia visited the Prophet, they performed some of their folk dancing in the mosque. The Prophet watched them and he also lowered his shoulders so that Lady Aisha, his wife, could watch. Had every type of dancing been forbidden, the Prophet would not have done so. He would have made the ruling clear to all present.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )