Ablution: Purification - women's

Q12 :Is it necessary for a woman to have a full shower or bath before she prays, if she has had a vaginal discharge which may happen at any time of the day without a particular cause?

A12 : Having a full shower for purification is necessary for a woman only at the end of her menstrual period and after the discharge of postnatal blood has stopped. It is also obligatory for both man and woman after sexual contact which involves even partial penetration. For a man, it is obligatory after ejaculation, whether deliberate or voluntary, as in the case of a wet dream. When we have learned this, the simple answer to your question is that a discharge of the type you have described does not require a full shower. It should be treated, however, in the same way as urine, in the sense that it invalidates ablution. Purification must be carried out first, by washing the place with water. If it has fallen on any part of your clothes, or your body, the spot where it has fallen should also be washed. When you have carried out this, you only need to have a new ablution in order to be able to offer your prayers. However, if a woman is in doubt as to whether this discharge is the beginning or end of menses, she has to ascertain the fact first since the difference in ruling is total. If the discharge is white in colour, there is no doubt that it does not require a full shower. A simple ablution is sufficient.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )