Congregation: And a missed prayer

Q112 :If one has missed Asr prayer and joined the imam in the mosque for Maghrib prayers, how should he approach his prayers?

A112 : If you [offer your prayers regularly but] have missed Asr prayer for a legitimate reason, such as oversleeping or loss of consciousness, and you want to offer it with Maghrib, try to offer it before the iqamah for Maghrib is called. If it has already been called, then you have to join the congregation and offer Asr. When the imam finishes Maghrib prayer, you rise up to add one Rak'ah to complete your prayer to four Rak'ahs, and then you offer Maghrib normally. It is not proper in such cases to start with Maghrib prayers and offer Asr afterwards. You have to offer prayers in their correct order.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )