Ablution: Invalidated by touching private parts

Q11 :Could you please quote a Hadith in support of your claim that ablution is invalidated by the touching of one's private parts? What if this happens as one is drying himself after having had ghusl?

A11 : It is the view of most scholars that to touch one's private parts, skin to skin, invalidates ablution. Their view is based on the Hadith by a companion of the Prophet, Yassrah bint Safwan, who stated that she has heard the Prophet saying: "He who touches his private parts must not pray until he has performed ablution". (Related by Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Malik, Al-Shafie, Ahmad as well as others). Another Hadith related by Ahmad quotes the Prophet as saying: "Any man who touches his private parts should perform ablution and any woman who touches her private parts should have ablution." In the light of these Hadiths, if you touch your private parts, when you are drying yourself after having had grand ablution, you need to perform ablution, i.e. Wudhu, before you pray.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )