Ablution: In the bathroom

Q10 :Is it appropriate to start ablution with the name of Allah if one is doing it in the bathroom where there is a toilet?

A10 : No, that is not appropriate. Mentioning the name of Allah in the bathroom is wrong. People obviously need to do the ablution in the bathrooms and they have learned that many supplications are recommended when they wash different part of their body as part of their ablution. What I would like to say is that none of these supplications has been recommended by the Prophet. There is nothing authentic about them. It is true that every action of a Muslims is recommended to start with "bismillah", which means "In the name of Allah". But even then, one should not say this phrase in a bathroom where there is a toilet. It is sufficient if he is only conscious of that without giving his consciousness any vocal or verbal expression.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )