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March 23, 2023 | Ramadan 2, 1444
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Welcome to the Guests Center
O you who believe! Do not enter houses other than your own houses until you have asked permission and saluted their inmates; this is better for you, that you may be mindful. (Qur'an 24.27)


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Name City/Country Date Comments
Abthul hakkeem M. salmiya / 6/16/2015 Assalamu alaikkum varah .... Dear brother, i hakkeem i am tamilnadu in india. i like this page and was very useful for us. coz everthing include on this page like radio, hadeeth, islamic tv channel and etc...if we open the net saithaan vil activate something (feamanillah). what i want to say here! insha allah can you create tamil language website like this .it was very use for us ...and we can learn more thing clearly insha allah. can you try to create tamil website ...
Suhadewa Sutikno 11421 / USA 6/16/2015 My family and I liked this website so much ,due to its completed informations about its Islamic Study for Whom seeks knowlegde about Islam. In Shaa Allah!...
Hasmat Ali Surrey / Canada 4/23/2015 May ALLAH bless your efforts AMEEN
hassana m datti kano / nigeria 4/15/2015 like the center,and want understand more about islam
m jamal haider nsw / Australia 3/1/2015 Dear Sir, I expect the implication of the article titled "Big bang, deflated? Universe may have had no beginning" in your science section is understood. It is saying that the Universe is infinite. That implies that God did not create it.
habibah / uk 2/14/2015 Assalamu Alaikum SubhanAllah! May Allah SWT reward you greatly for the noble dawa efforts you are doing. I am a born Muslim but this site has educated me so much on this beautiful Deen and inshaAllah may it continue to do so. JazakAllahu khairun
lori heslegrave coquitlam / Canada 9/25/2014 i visited your website to get a little more information on the Muslim faith and was amazed at how much your site teaches one. I was raised catholic and the similarities between the two faiths are amazing. Thank you for this site and I am truly enlightened by what I am learning.
abdulraheem ridwan ajegunle / Nigeria 9/12/2014 salam alaikum, am happy to visit your site to request for materials aid such as literature, quran etc so as to make the propagation of islam easy to my family. yours in islam Ridwan from Nigeria.
Mrs. A. Ali Lincolnwood / 8/22/2014 Assalamu Alaykum, For years I have often sent people to your website for reliable inforamtion about Islam. I was disappointed today when i went to your site and the whole front page is news. I expect that to be one component but i wish information about the deen of Islam would be more prominantly featured. Please consider it. Jazakallahu Khayr for all your hard work.
Abdulmumeen Mutihullahi Abuja / Nigeria 7/30/2014 i love this site very well so educative and so interesting may almighty Allah continue to guide you

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