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January 20, 2019 | Jumada Al-Awwal 14, 1440
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 Welcome to the Guests Center
O you who believe! Do not enter houses other than your own houses until you have asked permission and saluted their inmates; this is better for you, that you may be mindful. (Qur'an 24.27)


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Displaying records 1 through 10 of 37 records found. (10 records displayed).

Name City/Country Date Comments
V K Singh / 5/26/2012 Why this site is only in English .... When majority of Believers and Non Believers do not understand English .... THIS WEB SITE HAS FAILED TO DISCLOSE WHERE THE SECOND LARGEST POPULATION OF MUSLIMS LIVE .... IS IT AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY ... WHAT ARE THE STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THE SO CALLED ISLAMIC COUNTRIES ... DO MAJORITY OF CITIZENS OF ISLAMIC COUNTRIES PRACTICE ISLAM AS SUITABLY AND IN MOST SIMPLIFIED MANNER DESCRIBED HERE IN ABOVE AND .... I find this web site very Balanced Upright and Useful but regretfully say that it does not talk in / of any other language ....
V. L. Terrell Jacksonville / USA 10/29/1997 Very good pages and links.
V.K. Abdu Kerala State / India 6/17/1999 Good, go ahead.
Valli Abdul-Lateef Hamed Lorton / USA 5/9/1999 I am thrilled to have found this site on the net. Given my very busy schedule, it allows me to still connect with Muslims. Thank You, Salaam
Van V. Gignilliat Mobile / USA 4/20/2003 I wanted to become a Muslim as far back as 1973. I was deeply touched by the conversion of Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor). At the time the only Muslims that I had "access" to were the NOI. I even approached them about conversion and was told that "Islam isn‘‘t for Whites." As I grew older, one of the other religions spoke to me like Islam. I wanted a ritual component, a daily routine to make life worth living. The more I learned about Islam, the more it appeared to conform to what I was after. With the many resources and information which your website provides, I gained enough "courage" to enter a Masjid. I cannot tell you my feelings upon hearing the Adhan the first time -- it was like I was being called back to my mother‘‘s womb! Without you I would have never been able to take Shahada! Takbir! Sincerely, Yusuf Abdul Khaalis (Van V. Gignilliat) Editor‘‘s reply: Dear Br. Yusuf, Congratulations on your submission in peace to Almighty God (i.e. Islam). We are most honored to be able to provide you infromation that helped you in your quest to seek the Truth. We pray to God that He may always guide and bless you (ameen). Please keep-up your efforts to know and understand the religion Islam and your efforts to get closer to Almighty God. Best regards.
VanessaAbdullah Atlanta / USA 7/26/2001 I need some clarity on the hadith regarding the one who seeks a position of authority or leadership and it not being given because the person asked for or actively sought the position. This does not sound like a sound hadith to me, and I realize that many perhaps are taking it to be sound. Help one to whom this doesn‘‘t sound sound.
vanikee columbia / marion 9/16/2000 I am a Christian who is about to marry a muslium in December, I have never looked down on his religion because I really do not know much about it, but the things that he has taught me over the years has helped me. I think maybe in face I may decide to enter into the word of allah like he had. Any information can help. Your website was an inspiration to me, even thought I am a christian who really believes in my heart that I know God I will do anything to get closer to him. thanks!
Varnaud A. Shamsideen Groton / USA 5/14/1999 Assalaam Alaikum
varnished basement asd / afsd 10/21/2001 on one hand, there are parts of your site that are a font of useful information and education. However, there are a few links on the site that, while not stating it outright, imply an undercurrent if intolerance toward other religions in general, and Judaism and Hinduism in particular. It is such a pity that such a well made site with so much helpful knowledge could contain links such as these. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply: Please accept our apology if you were offended by any links from our site. Unfortunately, we can‘‘t control what some of these other sites are putting online. Please be assured that the true religion of Islam teaches utmost tolerance towards all of humanity.


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