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January 20, 2019 | Jumada Al-Awwal 14, 1440
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 Welcome to the Guests Center
O you who believe! Do not enter houses other than your own houses until you have asked permission and saluted their inmates; this is better for you, that you may be mindful. (Qur'an 24.27)


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Displaying records 1 through 10 of 456 records found. (10 records displayed).

Name City/Country Date Comments
H Hafuan Lutfie Bekasi / INDONESIA 12/23/1997 Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh! Subhanallah walhamdulillahi Allahuakbar, I am just surfing on this beautiful site I am longing for so long. Let make this site as our International Moslem Home, where we can pass any usefull information, give advice as required, helping each other. May Allah bless all of us. Amin! Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
H. Ali Mohammed Dale City / USA 1/2/2001 Asalaam O Alaikum Alhamdul lillah and congratulations for your website. This is distinct opportunity for you and all of us to get the word of Allah out to everyone. This allows for everyone of all religions to know more about Islam. Keep up the good work. Masalaama!
H. Bahaeddin DUMANCI KONYA / Turkiye 3/17/2001 I‘‘ve visited your site. It‘‘s wonderfull. Congratulations, thanks millions and millions.
H. Kandil / Australia 3/2/1999 Dear sir Alsalam alaykum I am writing to you to express my thanks and compliments for the great service you are providing all people and particularly muslims around the world. I have been involved in many of the organizations and activities that you have been providing but I would like to express my compliments regarding one of your information technology services that is the Islamic city in cyber space. I have learnt from the web site of that Islamic city has been chosen as one of the best sites on the internet with traffic reaching over 18 million hits and I would like to add my voice to the many people who would fully agree that this is a site that provides a high quality service including information, education, entertainment, online shopping and the chance for people from all around the world to contribute to the cause of islam and to help those in need wherever they are. I have been a regular visitor to the islamic city for the past year and found it a very interesting and informative site that provides a variety of online services that I find very useful and meeting the needs of millions of muslims around the globe. including the radio service, book store, Islamic links and market place cyber mall, where people could purchase many things that are not available elsewhere. One of the services that I enjoyed most was the live prayers that were broadcasted from Mecca during the month of ramadan that enabled me to watch ramadan prayer over the internet which I find appealing specially in countries where this is not available on normal TV. I would like to thank you again for all the services and I have a few comments on ways this site could be improved. o Checking the links more often to remove outdated ones o Increasing the variety of products in the market place particularly women clothes. It might be useful to establish a point of presence in different countries through local producer or distributor to allow faster and more accurate services. o providing an interactive prayer time software that provides prayer times for different parts of the world. o Improving the quality of the life broadcasting service to allow for more accessibility during peak times for a larger number of customers. o Allowing more customer involvement in the service delivery process this could be done by encouraging people to contribute Ideas or even provide there own services through your web page. o Increasing the variety of services provided. Ideas in this regard could be Islamic banking, stock trading, travel bookings etc. Thank you for bearing with my long Email and looking forward to your reply. Regards al salam alaykom Haney
H. Unang Solihin Cianjur / Indonesia 5/5/2002 It‘‘s my best website to increase our knowledge about Islam, to learn and learn in Islam. Be A Best Moslem Website to build Aqidah and True Taqwa. ( U. Solihin/Indonesian People )
H.Nurdin Urbayani solo / id 1/3/1998 Im very proud to become a member, I wish you succes
H.ROSLAN H.PANGIS / BRUNEI 11/3/1998 Assalamu alaikum, best web site pages about islam. keep it up! brother.
H.W. Pienandoro SH Bogor, / Indonesia 1/10/1999 Assalamu‘‘alaikum, It‘‘s very impressive to see the subjects covered by the Islam.org. The more I see it the more I‘‘d be curious to know all. Articles covered in "Islamic Series" are so extensive that one would need several months (perhaps) to read or to hear them all. What I would like to know is whether those articles are all downloadable that I can save them in my harddisk or diskettes, and later on I can open, print and read it one by one. Would that be possible? Please let me know through e-mail. Thank you and wassalamu‘‘alikum
haafiza zulaiha siraj colombo bambalapitiya / srilanka 8/19/2003 Mashallah! I think this site is really wonderful since we are able to get the latest information on the ongoing problems and resolutions in the Islamic world. So please keep up the good work.
Haamed yarkhan Habibi Toronto / Canada 1/25/2000 Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam. I think this is a good opportunity for us to visit this website and gain knowledge of Islam (The right path of Life). The organizers of this website did a hell of a job to design and put that huge data. It is a latest way of performing Dawa for a Muslim to put constructive things of Islam on websites. This site is very informative and I highly recommend all elders to force their kids to read and understand the message of Allah and Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in a homely atmosphere. I myself is trying to visit this site as and when I have time, but I made it compulsory for my kids to visit this site every Sat/Sun atleast for few minutes. It is the responsibility of each individual muslim to adhere to Islamic teachings and invite brethern to the right path (ISLAM). Islam is not only restricted for Muslims. It is an open window for Humanity and it is a universal religion. Thank God we are blessed by ALLAH (SWT) that we are adhereing to the Islamic principles in this modern world. I wish and pray for the organizers and the people who have participated in establishing this website and doing Dua work as prescribed by Allah (SWT), guided by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and all other Ulemas such Abdul Qader Jeelani, Khaja Moinuddin Chisti, Hassan Basrawi, Bukhari, etc etc...... Even this world people are still alive with complete knowledge and practicing Islam in TOTO. Finally, I pray Allah to reward us all and guide us to follow and adhere to the principles of Islam in right way.


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