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January 22, 2019 | Jumada Al-Awwal 16, 1440
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 Welcome to the Guests Center
O you who believe! Do not enter houses other than your own houses until you have asked permission and saluted their inmates; this is better for you, that you may be mindful. (Qur'an 24.27)


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Name City/Country Date Comments
E. Crystal Cornell Missouri City / USA 9/17/2001 Hi: I have been reading the news about recent attacks on mosques and other businesses, residences and organizations of Islamic faith. No doubt you have been receiving a lot of hateful phone calls and e-mail. I condemn those who would commit such hateful acts. I know that my message is just one against a tide of many, but I wanted to show you that not all Americans are spiteful and hateful. Those who would commit hate crimes most probably call themselves Christians, but ironically, they are not acting according to the tenets of their faith. Although we may call God by different names, it is still the same God, and I wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers and that I love you as my fellow brothers and sisters in humanity. Peace Be With You, ECC
E. Reginald Townsend, Jr. Long Beach / The U.S.A. 2/10/2000 To Whom It May Concren, All that I have ever experienced is Allah, the Highest Lord of Islam, has absolutely wondered me to be converted to the Islam from the Christianity (Peace be upon it) since 1973. It was hard to be a new Muslim, until finding the first English Mosgue in Compton, Los Angeles Co., California in 1997. Unfortunat- ely, I am deaf. Don‘‘t be worried. I have ever wondered what the LORD has sometimes happened to me. He has promised me that He will heal me hear and talk. Oh, yes, He promised me! And now, I have looked for a new Deaf Ministry or Class at any Mosque, but unfortunately, there is no ministry or class for international deaf Moslems at any Mosque in the country. But then, I would like you to welcome me join the Mosque any- where else in Southern Calfornia. Later on, we look forward to conact every other and/or to write every other. Sincerely, E. Reginald Townsend, Jr.
E. S. Kurniati / Sweden 11/8/1999 Assalamu‘‘alaikum Hi there, I was extremely fascinated at your article at this URL: http://www.islam.org/Science/QuranAndScience/relativity/GeneratedFilesnofra me/TheDetailsthatMaterialistsHaveDifficultyinComprehending.htm "When spacelessness is comprehended, it will be understood that hell, heaven and earth are all actually at the same place. If timelessness is understood, it will be understood that everything takes place at a single moment: nothing is waited for and time does not go by, because everything has already happened and finished."
E. T. Brading Johnson City / USA 4/3/1999 Excellent website. A wonderful way to educate people about and promote Islam.
eb Malik Muhammad Guantanamo Bay / Cuba 3/29/1998 Continue to distribute the word of Allah.
Ebrahim Hassam SOUTH AFRICA / 9/26/1997 alhamdulillah:a absolutely fantastic site.may ALLAH reward all those who contributed to this site.
Ebrahim jallow Cairo / 8/10/2003 i want know more about al higira from Makkah to Madinah,and something about Oumar bin al khataab.
ebrar aktan istanbul / 80815 5/27/2000 I dont have enough knowledgw about your site all I want is to get knowledge
Ecaterina Athens / Greece 2/4/2006 From Greek-Orthodox point of view, the action of European newspapers is, indeed, a shame. Same as Muslims, Christians are forbidden to mock and to insult other people, but rather use the virtues and the peaceful language for dealing with adversities and conflicts. Occident is, without doubt as Christians as the terrorists are Muslims. Occident ignores morality and respect. Nowadays you can see dirty pictures and movies about Jesus as well, you can hear blasphemous songs addressed to Jesus - yet all these things are a sign for us that Satan is more powerful than ever. Yes, to answer a question posted in one of the articles, Jesus would condemn vehemently such an attitude. It is with sorrow that I learned about those drawings depicting Prophet Mohammad and although I am a convinced Christian, I deeply regret that the Christian community didn‘‘t react strongly against such an ugly attitude. This is not Christian love. With love, Ecaterina
ED / SYRIA 12/9/1997 Syrian sunni muslim from known family,27years,5‘‘6‘‘‘‘, 160lb,Electronics Engineer,speaks Spanish,English, Arabic. Seeking a sincere muslima for marriage 17-24


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