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January 20, 2019 | Jumada Al-Awwal 14, 1440
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 Welcome to the Guests Center
O you who believe! Do not enter houses other than your own houses until you have asked permission and saluted their inmates; this is better for you, that you may be mindful. (Qur'an 24.27)


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Displaying records 1 through 10 of 128 records found. (10 records displayed).

Name City/Country Date Comments
C A Kaleem Rawalpindi / Pakistan 1/18/1998 It is indeed, a very useful web site. The develop ers deserve all the praise for their good work. May ALLAH bless you for this
C Holdread Flagstaff / USA 2/10/2003 This website was very interesting to find. Due to the seriousness of the current situation, please promote the fact that many Americans are against the war with Iraq, and that not all of us feel the hatred against Islamic people. I do not follow any church in particular but feel that the islamic people are being misled by the US government‘‘s hate war and others that want conflict between the two communities.
C Shore / USA 1/22/2004 As an American - I wish I could visit and explain to your readers that not all Americans follow or trust President Bush. I wish I could see what in truth is happening our media tells us lies. But I know that so much death and suffering is being inflicted upon the innocents by greedy oil men from around the world. Bush is just the talking head that they are using. Our country has been hijacked by forces that were not truly elected and will not remain in power. Wait and see what happens in the next election. In these dangerous times we forget, The same sun that shines on you shines on me - Our Creator wants us to love one another - hate only adds strength to the evil around us. Just a Christen American that prays for relief for those of you in the Arab/Moslem world.
C. A. Abdul Kadir Dammam / KSA 6/13/2001 Thanks for the good work. May Allah bless you all. Regards and prayers
C. Brennan Greenville / USA 9/14/2001 I am an American. I served in the U.S. Army for over five years and have been to many countries and witnessed many terrible things. I am shocked but not surprised at this weeks events. I am shocked that a group of humans could bring themselves to kill so many unarmed civilians in the name of god. It is hard for me to imagine a god that would approve of such actions. I correct myself, it is impossible for me to imagine such a god. While I served in the military I found myself working with american muslim soldiers and felt no conflict or lack of respect for life coming from them. I was stationed in Egypt with the Multinational Forces and Observers and the local populace was always friendly and life affirming. Now that this has happened I find myself looking for answers, I researched your religion and I haven‘‘t found what I am looking for. I don‘‘t see where your religion justifies these actions or any terrorist actions. What I conclude is that these people can‘‘t be acting in the name of god. They may think they are but they are misguided. What I am struggling to say is that I do not blame Muslims for what has happened this week. I do not blame any race for what has happened this week. I blame the men responsible for this and all terrorist acts. That includes the men leading countries that would endorse this kind of cowardly, muderous and inhumane treatment of fellow human beings. I am only a citizen of the United States but I offer my apology in advance if any of you are wrongfully harrased because of your religion or race after this horrible attack. I can only pray that someday humans will learn to live together in harmony and tolerance. That fear, ignorance and injustice will be a thing of the past. Until we can achieve this I think that we will all live in a world full of fear, discord and death. These are sad times for all citizens of this Earth.
C. H. / USA 3/6/2001 I am a new Convert My name is Cathryn . I was raised a christian. I was a minister of the gospel in a christain church, a youth leader. I always questioned the trinity and would find myself saying over how is it possible. I would have people explain to me it‘‘s like water. God is the ice cube, when it melts it‘‘s Jesus and when it snows it is the Holy Spirit. Kind of silly huh? For it was always confusing to me. I grew up in the United States and was raised up the western ways of thinking so I was brainwashed. But I couldn‘‘t help but to continue to think, Is this really right?? And why do these christains end up fighting one another or shining their armor? I had to scratch my head at times. See, I had some bad experiences with christians. They would hurt me bad. I would always see that they were directionless but tried to sound convincing of their new found faith. When I was a little girl I knew Allah was talking to me. He would show me things no man could. He would show me how much he loved me and how he made the stars and the universe (as I gazed up into the skies thinking of God). Well, I was sent to church to find God there. It wasn‘‘t the same as I felt alone with Him. I used to notice Muslim women around me shopping or doing their normal routines. I would think it was weird wearing a covering and I was curious to know what was behind it. What was it all about. I wondered if it was Idol worship or what. As time went by, I got into singing and writing songs. I joined the military and served in the US Air force Reserves. I sang at the Clubs thinking I was the star of the world. With many standing ovations I was really happy. So I thought. I ended my Air Force career and started Working as California State worker. I was hurt on the job and permanently too. My spine was injured, upper and lower. I can no longer turn my head from side to side. I can not lift and I am limited to some things. It is not too noticeable to my disability but I know it inwardly. During my time of recovery I was going to write this book on self improvement and how to be a positive christian. Well, I ended up throwing the pages out. My endless struggle to try to find ways to let the christian public know that they were going about their faith in the most wrong way. I finally realized I couldn‘‘t convince them. I gave up on trying. The last few years since my accident I knew God was real in my life but not like the christians believe or anyone else taught that I knew in the U.S. I felt a call to go to Africa to work with a pastor there (christain pastor) and to help in Sierra Leone with the refugees and the amputees there from the war. I sent him the money to get my ticket. I was suppose to go in December but it is now March. Since my delay, I have asked God to show me what was wrong and to show me why things are not working out? This whole year I have met 5 Muslims and became close friends with them. They seemed to have this solid foundation of peace and love about them. I was curious so I went to the library and checked out the Qur‘‘an. I read some of it and thought, this is so right. I took it back to the library and went on with my life. Every time I talked to my Muslim friends that same warmth and kindness shined through. Well, during this time of delay I started realizing that I needed a major change in my life. I was falling apart inside. Just went through a divorce, lost my father to death, and was needing more guidance. I met this wonderful friend originally from Nigeria. He touched my life with Islam. He helped me to see how God would help me. I wanted the same peace and love and a solid foundation like that also, On March 5th just a few days ago I gave my pledge of allegience to Allah and am now a Muslum. I am embracing Isam, and I now realized it was Allah that was wanting me to know him all my life. He is my God and I am so much happier now that I have him to help lead me and guide me to what He has planned for me. I thank Allah for helping me and for erasing my sins, to give me a new walk and a new life in Him. Insha‘‘Allah Now I start a new journey, seeking new Muslim friends and to grow in Islam and to study the Qur‘‘an. I am a new person and am satisfied now with the Real God Allah. I am blessed!!!
C. Heironimus Charleston / USA 4/6/1999 I am entering this site for a research project in school.
C.Belcourt OTTAWA / CANADA 9/19/2001 Hello, I just want to offer my words of support to Islamic and Arab Americans/Canadians. The hatred that is being displayed against Arab Americans and Canadians is disgusting. I believe most people are appalled at the images they are seeing on TV. If you have been offended, I beg you to please forgive them, they are ignorant and small minded. We must not get caught in that kind of negative mentality. We must be strong, we must show the world that humanity is good and can co-exist on this earth with each other. We must all work together, appreciating our differences, appreciating our different cultures and keeping the world beautiful and safe for our children and our children‘‘s children. Respectfully, C.Belcourt Ottawa, Canada
cabdi nairobi / kenya 3/5/2002 i am new member i would like to join this


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