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Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Quran awareness project  

Since this project was started there has been a steady increase in the demand.

With rising cost of postage and material, this project needs your support to fulfill the request from people, out side the Islamic faith, who regularly ask for Quran and other literature at IslamiCity. Hundreds of Quran packages are mailed out every month.

Click here to take a look at the request form. We encourage you to share this URL with your non-Muslim friends and relatives.

Each request involves the following and costs approx US$10 per package:

  1. Quran - Paperback - $2.00
  2. Other relevant literature - $4.00
  3. Mailing cost / package - $4.00

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Jesus' teachings about greed  
A man once accompanied Jesus, saying to him, "I want to be with you and be your companion." They set forth and reached the bank of a river; where they sat down to eat. They had with them three loaves. They ate two loaves, and a third remained. Jesus then rose and went to the river to drink. When he returned, he did not find the third loaf, so he asked the man: "Who took the loaf?" "I do not know," the man replied.

Jesus set forth once more with the man, and he saw a doe [a female deer] with two of her young. Jesus called one of the two, and it came to him. Jesus then slaughtered it, roasted some of it; and ate with his companion. Then he said to the young deer, "Rise, by God's leave." The deer rose and left. Jesus then turned to his companion and said, "I ask you in the name of Him who showed you this miracle, who took the loaf?" "I do not know," the man replied.
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The Life of Jesus as Revealed to Mary  
The angels called: "Dearest Mary, listen. Allah Most High sends you joyous news of the Divine Word, emanating directly from the Source of Love, whose name is Messiah and who will be known as the noble Jesus. He will be profoundly honored in this world, and in the realm of Paradise he is eternally beloved, abiding with the most intimate companions of Love, deep within the Radiance of Allah. The Messiah Jesus will transmit Truth to humanity, beginning as an infant in his cradle and continuing until he reaches manhood. He will be truly righteous and pure of heart."

The Virgin Mary turned directly to the Ultimate Source and prayed: "Most precious Allah, how can I bear a child, since no man has known me? "

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Jesus, Prophet of Islam

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Jesus in Islam  
Documentary aired on ITV in UK, about Jesus in Islam With commentary from Hamza Yusuf and Abdur Raheem Green

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It is related that Jesus, the son of Mary,  said,
It is of no use to know something if one does not act upon it. In truth, an abundance of knowledge only increases one in pride if one does not act accordingly. (Ahma



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