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"To make one good action succeed another, is the perfection of goodness."

- Ali ibn Abi Talib

12 Quranic Verses for Year End Reflection
Prophet Muhammad reminds us, "There are two of God's favors that are forgotten by many people: health and free time."
New Year and Atonement
New Year marks a whole new beginning. It's always a mystery, we never know what lies ahead but we always hope that it is not disappointing.
New Year, New Plans, New Self
Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves ..
Special: Islam and New Years Eve - By Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman .
Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman from a Palestinian family who migrated to Australia in the late 1960s. He initially obtained an Ijazah with Sanad in complete and sound memorization of the Quran at Darul Uloom Al-Husainiah in Sindh, Pakistan.
Hijrah (Islamic Calendar)
Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is the founder of Islamic Online University. He was born in Jamaica, but grew up in Canada, where he accepted Islam in 1972. He completed a diploma in Arabic and a B.A. from the College of Islamic Disciplines (Usool ad-Deen) at the Islamic University of Madeenah in 1979. At the University of Riyadh, College of Education, he completed a M.A. in Islamic Theology in 1985, and in the department of Islamic Studies at the University of Wales, he completed a Ph.D. in Islamic Theology in 1994.
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Color and Learn Muslim Names
This is recommended for 1st graders (5-6 years of age). Learning Muslim names from an early age helps young children become familiar with names they may not hear in their schools or among their classmates but they will recognize as being a Muslim name later.

Quran Challenge Game (Arabic)
The Quran Challenge Game for children is a unique game based on the Holy Quran. The idea behind this game is to provide the children with both fun and education. All questions are taken from the Quran. They have been creatively worked into this game and children will enjoy answering them. This game can be played at school or at home with all the family members. Begin your journey and find out what fun it is to learn from the Quran..

SET OF FIVE Different Color Tasbih's
33 LARGE Acrylic Beads in Each Tasbih. The names of Allah & His Messenger are printed on every bead.



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