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Tuesday, December 27, 2011





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Apostasy - A Crime or an Exercise in Free Will  
Every now and then, when a court in a Muslim country issues a death sentence against someone who decided to switch her or his faith, the issue of apostasy is deliberated among Muslims for or against the decision. Critics of Islam describe this practice barbaric and many Muslims explain it in the context of laws developed by their scholars and jurists with full integrity, sincerity and honesty over the centuries.

Depriving a human being of the right to live and breath, a right every human being is granted by the divine as an act of mercy, is a very serious matter and if that right is taken away in the name of God in order to please him, then it becomes even more serious. Why a creation of God would be killed for exercising its divinely given inherent right to choose an idea and practice they think makes sense to them. They may make wrong choices or right choices bearing the consequences for them. Nevertheless, this is a choice that every human being is endowed with from his cradle to his grave.

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For the Love of God  
Jesus said, "The lover of God loves hardship."

And it is related of him that he once came upon a large group of worshipers who had shriveled up from worshiping, like worn-out water skins. "Who are you?" he asked. "We are worshipers," they answered. "Why do you worship?" he asked. They replied, "God put the fear of hell in us, and we were afraid." So he said, "It is incumbent upon God to save you from what you fear."

Then Jesus passed on and came upon others who were even more worshipful. He asked, "Why do you worship?" and they replied, "God gave us a longing for paradise and what He has prepared there for His friends. That is what we hope for." So Jesus said, "It is incumbent upon God to give you what you hope for."

Then he passed them by and came upon others who were worshiping ..

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An audience with Muhammad Ali in London 1974  
Watch this engaging interview with Muhammad Ali and listen to his poetry on Truth.


Failures, Disappointments & Opportunities 

 Failures are due to timidity and fear; disappointments are due to bashfulness; hours of leisure pass away like summer clouds, therefore do not waste the opportunities for performing good deeds.

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib: (600 661 CE) Fourth Caliph, Cousin and Son-in-Law of Prophet Muhammad (saws)


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