In the name of God, the beneficent the merciful

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"When the Prophet says “brother,” we should interpret this as universal brotherhood, which includes Muslims and non-Muslims."

- Sh. Hamza Yusuf

Spending for Allah - Creating Love of Humanity
The benefit of spending in the way of Allah is that it helps establish unfailing ties with society and establishes a strong bond between a person and his Creator.
Hanukah is for Muslim Jews
Hanukah is for Muslim Jews because Hanukah refers both to the rededication of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem after it was profaned in 168 BCE by an idol installed in it by the Syrian Greek king Antiochus IV...
One take away one is equal to one
If everything flows from God and everything returns to God, do you truly own anything? Are you not but a steward, taking care of that the portion of this world under your care, which is to be preserved and protected and possibly shared?
The Truth About Holidays
Abdullah Hakim Quick delivers an enlightening talk about the origins of the major holidays celebrated today. He explains that throughout time there has been a constant struggle between those who believe in one God and those who believe in many gods. And with these struggles, many compromises were made by those who would ultimately influence and shape the major modern day holidays celebrated throughout the world.
Friday Sermon: Helping Others - by Sh. Iqbal Lakhani
Sh. Iqbal Lakhani discusses the power of kindness, caring and support.
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The Abrahamic Faiths Judaism, Christianity, Islam: Similarities & Contrasts
The book presents the similarities and contrasts between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The Carpet Merchant, 1887. Faux Canvas Frame.
Digitally Enhanced Reproduction of an Oriental painting by Jean Leon Gerome. Bring history into your home and office..

Special Feather Edge paper and matching envelope.
This box of 10 Greeting Cards are a great way to initiate a fruitful, one to one, personalized dialogue. We encourage you to put them to good use both at a personal and business level.



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