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The Life of Jesus as Revealed to Mary  
Interpretation and Meditation on Holy Quran 3:45-55

The angels called: "Dearest Mary, listen. Allah Most High sends you joyous news of the Divine Word, emanating directly from the Source of Love, whose name is Messiah and who will be known as the noble Jesus. He will be profoundly honored in this world, and in the realm of Paradise he is eternally beloved, abiding with the most intimate companions of Love, deep within the Radiance of Allah. The Messiah Jesus will transmit Truth to humanity, beginning as an infant in his cradle and continuing until he reaches manhood. He will be truly righteous and pure of heart."

The Virgin Mary turned directly to the Ultimate Source and prayed: "Most precious Allah, how can I bear a child, since no man has known me? " Allah Most Merciful then awakened Mary spiritually by placing these Divine Words in her heart: "My beloved Mary, the Source of Power can manifest whatever is needed to guide humanity. To project any being or event, Allah simply affirms it and it is. Through your spontaneously conceived child, the Source of Truth will confirm the truth of the Holy Torah. Through this luminous child, the Source of Wisdom will transmit the wisdom of the Holy Gospel.

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Too busy to Pray Five Times?   

Before I genuinely began to cultivate and nurture my relationship with God, I regarded the five daily prayers that Islam enjoins on believers as laborious. It seemed impractical to expect that I would be able to stop what I was doing during my busy work schedule to take time out and pray.

Working as a news wire journalist, I was often spending upwards of 10 hours a day in the office or at conferences, interviews and meetings, barely able to make time for a lunch break. If I wasn't working, my time was divided between house chores, errands, family and friends, and exercise. I was punctual with everything in my life, except that I was late five times a day.

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Apple 8 GB iPod Touch (4th Generation). 
Study of a Narcissus Plant. BLANK GREETING CARD. BOX OF 10.
Reproduction of Calligraphy on the Ceiling of the Throne Room of the historic Topkapi Palace, 

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Muslims of  F r a n c e  
Al Jazeera takes you on a fascinating historical tour of Muslims in France and the challenges generations of Muslim immigrants in France have been facing to retain their identity?


Avoid Suspicion

 Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the falsest of talk. And do not snoop, and do not pry, and do not be divisive, but be brothers.

Prophet Muhammad

Source: The Wisdom of the Prophet, Selections from the Hadith.
Translated by Thomas Cleary


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