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"All Muslims are like one foundation, some parts strengthening others; in such a way they must support each other."

- Prophet Muhammad

Peace-building and Conflict Resolution in Islam
Humankind is besieged with all sorts of conflicts. But instead of dealing them through peaceful means, we are often faced with its Darwinian resolution - "The Might is Right" concept, that is, the powerful resort to force and impose their will on the weak. But while this mechanism may apply to others of God's creation, it does not work for Homo Sapiens: Because we are endowed with a moral sense, which overshadows all our behavior. This moral dilemma requires tackling the underlying problem adequately.
Islam Explained
ALLAH - for Muslims the greatest and most inclusive of the Names of God, an Arabic word of rich and varied meaning, denoting the one who is adored in worship, who creates all that exists, who has priority over all creation, who is lofty and hidden, who confounds all human understanding. It is exactly the same word as, in Hebrew (eloh), the Jews use for God (elohim), the word which Jesus Christ used in Aramaic when he prayed to God (elah).
The birth of Islam
When Muhammad was 40 years old, he was commanded by God, through His angel, Gabriel, to declare His Oneness to the idolaters and polytheists of the whole world, and to deliver the message of peace to an embattled humanity. In response to this command of Heaven, Muhammad launched the momentous program called Islam which was to change the destiny of mankind forever.
Islamic Message and Prayer for World Peace
Imam Shamsi Ali, Director of Jamaica Muslim Center in Queens, offers an Islamic message of peace.
Islam and Judaism: A Rabbi Finds Common Ground
Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb's presentation at the Carleton College convocation on how, in an atmosphere of war and fear, we can create positive relationships that promote peace.
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Advice from the Prophet Muhammad
"Do what you should do when you should do it. Refuse to do what you should not do. And, when it is not clear, wait until you are sure".

Prayer for Forgiveness by Prophet Muhammad
"O Allah! Forgive me my sins totally, the major ones and the minor, the old ones and the new, the manifest and the inner".

Whisper of Peace (CD)
“A walk in a forest... a run in a field... the planting of a garden... getting caught in the rain... studying an ant as it carries a crumb of food... all of these experiences can help us to reflect upon the enchanting mysteries of this earth, helping us to understand the supreme power of our Creator”.
A Whisper of Peace is a beautiful collection of songs by Dawud Wharnsby Ali. They help to feel the gentle beauty of Islam, and the simple purity of faith.



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