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Thursday, October 11, 2012


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Seek knowledge even if you travel to China!  

Join the October 31st 2012
Muslim China Tour
Organized by IslamiCity.

This unique tour operates completely in an Islamic environment and specializes in Muslim culture & history in China. The historic Muslim sites and monuments covered in this tour are beyond those covered by typical tour operators. Interaction with local Muslims, religious leaders, scholars and professionals provides an experience that is not offered elsewhere.

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Navigating Through Life Storms  

Many people frequently fall into despair when faced with an unexpected and sudden event. Take the example of those who have been unsuccessful at work, lost something they love, or failed an important exam. If such things have become their goals, they will be unable to cope with such unexpected results and experience great sadness, for they have placed all of their hopes and goals upon the chain of events happening as they had envisioned.

However, life does not always go according to one's plans, which means that people can face many unexpected events. For example, somebody who really wants to be an architect will study very hard for the entrance exam. All of her future plans are based upon becoming an architect. But something she never expects happens: She is accepted into another program. Having planned to become an architect, she now finds herself studying for an entirely different career.

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The Most Valuable Days  

In order to draw our attention to the importance and grandeur of certain things, and increase our appreciation of them, Allah  honors objects of His creation by swearing by them in the Qur'an. Amongst these objects are the moon, the stars, the sun, the night, the day, the heavens, the earth, time immemorial, the dawn, and the ten nights.

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Curtain over the door of the Kaba from Ottoman times. 
Quran Stories for Little Hearts Box 7 (6 Paperback Books)
Easel Back Framed Print: Shahadah. 

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Worlds largest pilgrimage  
A handicam was snuck into Mecca, Saudi Arabia to film the Islamic tradition of Hajj, the world's largest annual pilgrimage and the biggest gathering of people in the world at any given time.



'Ilm (knowledge) without 'aql (intelligence) is like having shoes with no feet. And 'Aql without 'ilm is like having feet with no shoes.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib  (598* CE - 661 CE)
Ali ibn Abi Talib was the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad , ruling over the Islamic Caliphate from 656 to 661. Ali was also the first male convert to Islam.


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