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 In The Name Of God, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Sunday, 10/10/10


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Getting Married: How Hard Can It Be?  
My husband and I recently tried to match-make a couple of our friends. Omar began telling his friend about a really nice woman we knew at 33, successful, beautiful. His first response was, "So, what's wrong with her? Why is she 33 and not married?" Looking at the 30-year-old man before me, my first thought was, "I could ask you the same thing." However, the reality set in that there's a double standard when it comes to the issue of age and marriage. 

Many Muslim women are successful lawyers, doctors, professors and journalists. They are outspoken and active in their Muslim and non-Muslim communities. They are intelligent and beautiful, and they are unmarried. The same women who are ambitious and focused on their academic and professional success are finding it difficult to find a suitable spouse.

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Love and Faith Redefined  
"God has endeared faith to you and adorned it in your hearts." ~ [Qura'n 49:7]

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." ~ Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein  not often cited for ideas outside the realm of science. But I recently came across an insightful statement formulated by him (the quotation above) that sparked a synapse some where in my mind about the relationship between religion and love.

If the laws of gravity do not apply to love, that is, if human beings are not attracted by mere earthbound love, then I am left with two questions: First, if it's not love that brings two people together, than what does? Second, if love alone, or at least the popular conception of it, does not attract two individuals, than what does love pair-up with to bring human beings into each other's intimate spheres? So the questions can be distilled to a single inquiry: How do people fall in love? Contrary to popular belief and Hollywood, falling in love does not happen spontaneously like a raging forest fire or something. How do I speak with such certainty when trashing the notion of romanticized love you say? Well, isn't it apparent? Look around you! When walking down the road, do you see people randomly bursting into passionate paroxysms? I mean, it's not like your taking the subway one day and you engage the person next to you just like that. It takes time to develop real love.

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Injustice Cannot Defeat Injustice  

Some of America's leading Muslim figures speak on the use of violence as a means to impact change, and its contrary nature to Islam's teachings.



Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere

Martin Luther King, Jr. (American Baptist Minister and Civil-Rights Leader. 1929-1968)



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