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The legacy of Abraham

Prophet Abraham was born in the city of Ur in the south of what is now modern Iraq.

Muhammad in the bible

For twenty-three years, God's words were truely put into Muhammad's mouth.

Tips and Reflections

Hajj is the most important and dramatic event in a Muslim's life.


They are the losers, those who make the religion hard and tough. They imperil themselves who enforce tough practices of Islam. They destroy themselves, those who are extremes.

- Prophet Muhammad 

Born in about 570 CE in the Arabian city of Mecca, at the age of 40 Muhammad was visited by Gabriel and received his first revelation from God.

One American's Pilgrimage to Mecca

Join Michael Wolfe on his Pilgrimage to Makkah.

Changing the Kaba's Cover

Watch as the Kaba' in Makka receives a new cover.

Bazar Products
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Quotation from Surah Yusuf (12:64

The Kaba. Faux Canvas Frame. Overall

The affordable gift idea! Blesses and beautifies the home

Dua of a Believing Muslim. Large

A "Dua" written in highly stylized Arabic calligraphy. Easily Bless and Decorate your home



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