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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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IslamiCity Hajj 2011  

Join IslamiCity Hajj the journey of a lifetime, which every Muslim desires to take. Those fortunate enough to go are considered guests of God.

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* Due to visa restrictions this program is for US Residents only.

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Ten Principles for Those Seeking the Path of Allah  
Principle 1: Have a sincere, unwavering intention. Prophet Muhammad said, "each person will be rewarded for what he intended" (Muslim). This calls for determination in the heart to continuously act or to abstain from something only for God's sake. A sign of having sincere intentions is that one does not change his resolve for fleeting reasons; what is done for God, the Truth, should not be forsaken to please His creation.

Principle 2: Work purely for God, (the One) without partners or associates. Prophet Muhammad said: "worship God as though you see Him, but if you do not see Him (know that) He sees you" (Muslim). A sign of working purely for God is to not accept anything except the truth, and to see everything else besides the truth as vain and fleeting. As the prophet said, "Let the slave of the dinar perish" (Bukhari). One should also beware of falling into doubtful matters. As Prophet Muhammad : "Leave what is doubtful for what is not doubtful" (Tirmidhi and Nasa'i).

Principle 3: Align one's desires with the guidelines and rulings of the Shari`ah (Islamic law). Be patient in times of hardship and difficulty, when struggling with personal desires, and in avoiding sinful acts and pleasures. Whoever practices this regularly reaches a state whereby he is in his sleep as if he were awake [worshipping], in his mixing with people as if he were in seclusion, in his fulfillment as if he were hungry, in his pride as if he were humiliated, and in talking to others as if he were silent.

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Hajj: Reaching Toward Allah  

The season of Hajj is upon us. The honorable month of Zul-Hijjah is approaching. The land of Makkah is tranquil and peaceful. Instead of fear, hatred, and war, the desert is blessed with security and peace. There is a feeling in the air, a desire to be the guest of Almighty God, a yearning to worship Him in His own house.

Do you not hear Allah's command to His Prophet to declare: 

And call upon the people for Hajj. They will come to you on their bare feet or riding any weak camel and they come to you from every far desert. (Quran 22:27)

You! who has been created from mud, search for the spirit of Allah! Accept his invitation; leave your home in order to "see" Him. He is waiting for You! 

Human existence is frivolous unless one's aim is to approach the spirit of Allah. Separate yourself from all those needs and greed which distract you from Allah. Join the eternal human migration of Hajj. "See" Almighty Allah! 

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  IslamiCity Service


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Ihram - TWO Soft and Thick Towels. 
Hajj: Reflections on its Rituals

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New Muslims after 9/11  
RT News special segment on how more people after 9/11 are professing Islam as their new faith.






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Violence is an admission that one's ideas and goals cannot prevail on their own merits.

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