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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


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Make your intention to be a guest of God today!  
Join IslamiCity Hajj the journey of a lifetime, which every Muslim desires to take. Those fortunate enough to go are considered guests of God.

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* Due to visa restrictions this program is for US Residents only.

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Hajj: Reaching toward Allah  
The season of Hajj is upon us. The honorable month of Zul-Hijjah is approaching. The land of Makkah is tranquil and peaceful. Instead of fear, hatred, and war, the desert is blessed with security and peace. There is a feeling in the air, a desire to be the guest of Almighty God, a yearning to worship Him in His own house.

Do you not hear Allah's command to His Prophet to declare: 

And call upon the people for Hajj. They will come to you on their bare feet or riding any weak camel and they come to you from every far desert. (Quran 22:27)

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Hajj - Shaking the soul  

"Makkah is not a place. It is the beginning, the Present, and the Forever, and whoever enters Makkah feels this and is shaken. 

Most pilgrims come here gratefully to discharge a duty owed to God. But ever since the beginning men have come to the Ka'bah to seek refuge with God, bodily refuge from harm at a foe's hand, or sanctuary where the confused heart can find way and the wounded soul be healed. Today, again there are pilgrims for whom Makkah and the holy places are a haven after savage trials and relentless persecution - pilgrims escaped from Muslim lands under foreign, atheistic rule. 

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The Call to Hajj, The She-Camel
The Hajj Fun Game
IHRAM - SET Of TWO Soft and Thick Towels. 

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Hajj: A look into Islam's holy pilgrimage  
What is the significance of Hajj?



Food for two suffices three; and food for three suffice four.

Prophet Muhammad   (570 CE - 632 CE) 


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