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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


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IslamiCity has partnered with to provide you with live, one-on-one, learning with trained teachers.

  • All classes are recorded for review

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               Watch: Muslim Firefighter on 9/11 Anniversary




Harmonious Home: A Guide to Spousal Serenity  

One question has been explored by every outlet imaginable and every social circle: "What is the secret to a successful marriage?" With the increasing divorce rate in the U.S. stretching beyond 50 percent, and above 30 percent among North American Muslim communities, the question is more than relevant.

In light of this, three married couples- all having more than seven decades of marriage merit under their belts-discussed their secrets, methods, and advice on the key to cultivating felicitous families at the ISNA Convention.

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Lament of the Masjid  

A few days after Ramadan, many masjids were seen to cry.
Someone asked one, why?

You ask me why I am so grieved?
It's because I have been deceived.

I ask, Oh Muslim, where have you gone, where are you?
Was the past month a dream? It doesn't seem real or true.

Oh my beloved, was it all a dream, was it all a show?
That is why my tears do flow.

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Allah, Muhammad and Shahada. About 18.5 x 8.5 inches Frame. 
Framed Faux Canvas Print: Overall Size 7.5 x 7.5 inches.
Study of a Flame Lily. Mughal India.
Islamic Dua. The Prayer (Tasbi) of Bibi Fatima. 

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Reflections of a Muslim Firefighter on 9/11 Anniversary  
Former New York City fire marshal Kevin James talks about teachings and values of Islam, its universality and tolerance, while remembering his experience on 9/11.






Quran for Little Muslims 3  
Through captivating stories, Qur'an for Little Muslims Series conveys the spirit and themes of the short surahs and other verses of the Qur'an. These imaginative stories provide tangible illustrations of how any child can apply the wisdom of the Qur'an throughout the day. Rather than attempting to translate or explain the meaning of Allah's words, themes, and morals, each surah is presented in story form, interwoven with dramatization, dialogue, and sound effects.


One of the first legal Muslim Music Download websites that supports the artists



Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

 Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet (1803-1882)


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