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The Hajj Journey

Allah prescribed Hajj once in a lifetime upon the Muslims who have the means and are physically able to perform it. There are three types of Hajj: Hajj at-Tamattu', Hajj al-Qiran and Hajj alIf rad.

Pilgrimage to Makkah

For the past week, I have been utterly speechless and spellbound by the graciousness I see displayed all around me by people of all colors.I have been blessed to visit the Holy City of Mecca.

Journey of a lifetime

The hajj, or pilgrimage to Makkah, a central duty of Islam whose origins date back to the Prophet Abraham, brings together Muslims of all races and tongues...


A prayer in the Sacred Mosque [in Makkah] is worth 100,000 prayer more than in any other mosque, a prayer in my mosque [in Madinah] is worth 1,000, and a prayer in Jerusalem [al-Aqsa Mosque] is worth 500.

- Prophet Muhammad 

Born in about 570 CE in the Arabian city of Mecca, at the age of 40 Muhammad was visited by Gabriel and received his first revelation from God.

World's Largest Pilgrimage

Suroosh Alvi snuck a handicam into Makkah, Saudi Arabia to film the Islamic tradition of Hajj, the world's largest annual pilgrimage and the biggest gathering of people in the world at any given time.

A Lifetime Experience

This is the first HD filmed movie about Hajj, and presented by Dr. Hamid Slimi. It covers all the components of Hajj in a very concise manner combining testimonials of the spiritual experience and the rulings and meanings of this fifth pillar of Islam.

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