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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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Repent to Allah...after engaging in worship!  
As Muslims, we know to repent to Allah  when we commit sins. We also know that Allah accepts our repentance when we turn to Him sincerely and with remorse for our errors. 

It is interesting, though, to consider that the topic of repentance is brought up in the Qur'an in another context as well - in connection with our worship and spiritual devotion. 

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A miracle please!  

She stood alone on the rooftop looking up at the night sky with tears that refused to fall; they had already been falling for too long. She asked Him, 'God, do you still love me?'-She listened for an answer and didn't hear anything. There was no sign sent from above, there was no message in the clouds. She wanted a miracle. She wanted to see the answer to her question laid out before her. What she didn't realize though, was that His answers were all around her, she just had to open her eyes to see them. Often times we call out to God, praying for a miracle, praying for something to change drastically and instantly-but we look around and see nothing. We go on living in a world without miracles, constantly passing through days without miracles. The truth is, it's not that there are no more miracles; it's that we refuse to see them for what they are.

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SET OF FIVE Differen Color Tasbih's . 99 Acrylic Beads in Each Tasbih. 
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Emperor Babur Supervising the Laying Out of the Garden of Fidelity. 

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The Qur'an and Modern Sciences  
Jamal Badawi discusses why are some Muslims are reserved in interpreting the Quran with the sciences?



A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein (1879 CE - 1955 CE)
Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, effecting a revolution in physics.


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