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"The greatest truth is honesty, and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty."

- Abu Bakr

Peaceful Nights
The moments right before you fall sleep are beautifully serene. Everything is still and quiet (hopefully), and all you have amidst the darkness is the radiance of your thoughts and reflections. You might even find the best ideas coming to mind in that relaxed, peaceful state. If you get into bed when you're exhausted, though, your brain shuts down before you know it, and you don't remember thinking of anything-even of Allah.
Introduction to the Status of Dhikr
Dhikr is what cleanses and polishes the heart; it is medicine for the heart when it falls ill. The more the worshipper increases her focus in her dhikr, the more the Remembered increases in love and yearning to meet her. If the heart is in harmony with the tongue in dhikr, it forgets everything else; and God preserves for it everything else.
Remembrance of God (dhikr) and the path of mercy
When remembrance (dhikr) of Allah is connected with the aspect of His mercy and compassion, that quality of mercy begins to manifest within one's own character ..
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
Lecture by Ustadh Hassan Elwan on May 6, 2011 at IIOC titled: "Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?"
Timelessness And The Reality Of Fate
In this audio, you will find crucial explanations about eternity, timelessness and spacelessness that you will never have encountered anywhere else. The genuine answers to many questions people always have about fate and eternity are to be found in this Audio tracků.
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Ihram for Men - Soft and Thick Towels.

IHRAM MONEY BELT FOR HAJJ & UMRA. Adjustable size (MEDIUM) suitable for waist sizes from 33 to 43 inches.
Helps to keep money, passports and travel papers safe.



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