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 In The Name Of God, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Monday, August 8, 2011


We need your help now, because she needs her father...

This is happening right here, in America. Children, spouses and parents are put through incredible turmoil as they watch their loved ones be falsely accused of terrible crimes and denied justice. They watch helplessly as prosecutors violate their loved-onesí rights just to win convictions. 

We are asking for your help, because you believe innocent people should not go to prison. 

Itís not just about innocent Muslims going to jail. Itís about families. Itís about justice. Itís about defending the principles of freedom, liberty, fairness and equality that our forefathers fought so hard to establish in America. 

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Before You Say "I Do" - An online Pre-Marriage workshop  

A successful marriage doesn't just happen. It's not simply a matter of luck or finding the right person. It requires effort and determination.

This pre-marriage course will help you develop the skills needed to make sure you have a successful marriage filled with love, compassion and cooperation.

Beneficial for individuals contemplating marriage, prospective brides and grooms, family advisors, counselors, youth leaders and others.


Noha Alshugairi, Marriage and Family Therapist
Metra Azar-Salem, Marriage and Family Therapist
Munira Ezzedine, Marriage and Family Therapist
Jihad Turk, Director of Religious Affairs, Islamic Center of Southern California

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Philanthropy and Zakat  

Oliver Goldsmith, the Irish poet, once said: "Where wealth accumulates, men decay." Philanthropy is more than just a monetary gift-love of mankind shown by practical kindness and helpfulness to humanity is its dictionary meaning.

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam; it is hard to translate the word or find its closest meaning in English. In Arabic, the word is derived from the root, "z-k-a." The verb, zakka, "to purify," also means, "to make something grow and develop." Zakat is commonly known as "almsgiving." This translation is not accurate if we consider the philosophy behind that pillar. There is a difference between almsgiving-Sadaqa-and Zakat. Sadaqa is a voluntary service of any kind that is given from one person to another.

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8 ways of approaching the Quran with purity of intention  
1 Read the Quran with no purpose other than to receive guidance from your Lord, to come nearer to Him, and to seek His good pleasure.

What you get from the Quran depends on what you come to it for. Your intention and purpose is crucial. Certainly the Quran has come to guide you, but you may also go astray by reading it should you approach it for impure purposes and wrong motives.

Thereby He causes many to go astray, and thereby He guides many; but thereby He causes none to go astray save the iniquitous (al-Baqarah 2:26).

The Quran is the word of God; it therefore requires as much exclusiveness of intention and purity of purpose as does worshipping and serving Him.

2 Do not read it merely for intellectual pursuit and pleasure; even though you must apply your intellect to the full to the task of understanding the Quran. So many people spend a lifetime in studying the language, style, history, geography, law and ethics of the Quran, and yet their lives remain untouched by its message. The Quran frequently refers to people who have knowledge but do not derive benefit from it.

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IslamiCity Service


Allah. 11.5 x 11.5 inches Square Frame. 
Apple 8 GB iPod Touch (4th Generation). 
The Perfumed Quran. 

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Ramadan Mindset  
Gyasi Mckenzie talks about the four kinds of Muslims that are there and one of them is looking to benefit from the Ramadan. Are you that one?

Gyasi McKenzie was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Memphis, TN. He embraced Islam in 1990, while in the 11th grade. He graduated from the University of Madinah in 2000 in the faculty of Dawah and Usool Ad-deen. 




We Are Muslims 2  
We Are Muslims 2 features more great songs in the style of the original but goes into more detail about each pillar of Islam. Play these songs and see the children enjoy the music.
                                                     Available as mp3 download

One of the first legal Muslim Music Download websites that supports the artists



The Effect of Truth and Falsehood

 That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquility.  

Jalal ad-Din Muammad Rumi - (September 1207 Ė December 1273). 13th-century Poet, Islamic jurist and Theologian.


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