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Thursday, August 4, 2011


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Quran Tools for Ramadan  

Quran Reader *NEW*- Read the Quran, verse by verse, in large easy to read text on your monitor, TV, iPad, or any other mobile device.

Word Search - Read and search English translations of Yusuf Ali, Marmaduke Pickthall & Muhammad Asad.

Phonetical Search - First ever Quran search tool. Lets you find verses in the Quran by queries such as "Inna atayna !..".

Comprehensive Quran Search - Search in multiple languages (English, Turkish , Malay, French, Spanish, German) Topic Search, Phonetic Search, Chapter Search, Topic Index.

Holy Quran - Listen to the most melodious recitation by Abdul Baset. Synchronized audio, Arabic text and translation Verse by Verse

The Quran Memorizer  - A unique web-based Quran Memorizer tool to help learn the proper recitation and/or memorization of the Holy Quran

Quran MP3 Compiler - Another unique service from IslamiCity. Build a custom-made MP3 audio file which contains your very own selection of verses in the captivating recitation of Qari Abdul Basit.

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The Heart & The Quran   

The more important part of your 'person' is your inner self. This inner self the Quran calls the qalb or the 'heart'. The heart of the Prophet was the first recipient of the Quranic message:

Truly it has been sent down by the Lord of all the worlds, the Trustworthy Spirit has alighted with it upon your heart [O Prophet], that you may be one of the Warner ... Quran 26:192-194.

You will therefore reap the full joys and blessings of reading the Qur'an when you are able to involve your heart fully in your task.

The 'heart', in Quranic vocabulary, is not just a piece of flesh in your body, but it is the centre of all your feelings, emotions, motives, drives, aspirations, remembrance and attention. It is the heart which softens Quran 39:23, or hardens. Quran 2:74 It is the heart that goes blind and refuses to recognize the truth Quran 22:46 and it is the heart that inspires the function to reason and understand. Quran 7:179; 22:46; 50:37 In the heart, lies the root of all outward diseases Quran 5:52; it is the seat of all inner ills Quran 2:10. The heart is the abode of faith Quran 5:41 and hypocrisy. Quran 9:77 It is the heart, which is the centre of all that is good and bad, whether it be contentment and peace Quran 13:28, the strength to face afflictions Quran 64:11, mercy Quran 57:27, brotherly love Quran 8:63, God-Consciousness Quran 49:3; 22:32; or, doubt and hesitation Quran 9:45, regrets Quran 3:156, and anger Quran 9:15. Finally it is, in reality, the way of the heart for which we shall be accountable, and only the one who brings before his God a sound and sincere heart will deserve to be saved.

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Ramadan Rain  
Imagine for a moment that it's raining. It is pouring, in fact. And imagine that you are inside your house, watching as it falls. But imagine that there is something very different about this rain. It is unlike any other you've ever seen. On this day, it is not raining water. It is raining something much more precious to you. Imagine that on this day it is raining hundred dollar bills.

What would you do? What would happen in your neighborhood on that day? What would happen in the world? Would we not run outside, falling all over ourselves, competing to gain as much of the raining money as we can? Would we not stand outside all night to gather as much as possible?

We would do this for money because money is precious. But imagine for a moment that it was raining something priceless. Not thousand dollar bills, not trillions, but the mercy of Allah , a currency that no human currency could even measure.

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IslamiCity Service


Authentic, 100% AJWA DATES. 
The SHAHADAH ( Kalima ) with english translation engraved on a Crystal Fan. 8 inches high, 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. 

Curtain over the door of the Kaba from Ottoman times. 

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Watch Taraweeh Prayers form Masjid Al Haram, Makkah
Ramadan 1, 1432/August 1, 2011 - With English Subtitle. Preview

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Blessed Mustafa  
Aa'shiq-al-Rasul (AAR) meaning 'Lovers of the Prophet' (SAW) formed as a nasheed group in the summer of 1998. The core members of Amran Ellahi, Sheraz Yaqub, Kamran Ellahi and Tahir Khan hail from Birmingham, England and are classically trained singers who perform an impressive repertoire of traditional nasheeds 


One of the first legal Muslim Music Download websites that supports the artists



Don't quarrel & keep your promise

The Prophet said, ... 

Do not quarrel with your brother, do not make fun of him and do not promise to meet him and then fail to do so.



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